Our Vision

When you think of the word VISION, it instantly makes us think, "what do we see?" Here is what we see ...

We see a vibrant, connecting Church that positively impacts every area of life in Blenheim, Marlborough and the Nations with the gospel by the power and outworking of the Holy Spirit.

—We see a Church that encourages life, hope and purpose in every individual that we encounter.  People need to BELONG then BELIEVE then BEHAVE.  Our Church is the place where this can happen.
—We see a Church that prioritizes and puts the utmost importance on prayer and worshipping God in every area of our lives to the best of our ability.
—We see a Church that values having fun in a welcoming environment.
—We see a Church that teaches and gives opportunities for all to be involved with a focus on raising leaders in an atmosphere of encouragement. (Every member being a minister.)
—We see a generous, giving Church where great value and importance is given to good stewardship and outreach; with every member having opportunities to be involved in mission – locally, nationally and internationally.
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