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Hello and welcome to the web-site Elim Christian Centre - Blenheim. Thank you for taking time to browse and have a read.

My name is Tom Hatch and I have the honour and privilege of being called to serve as the Senior Leader of this great House of God. This appointment took place in May of 2002.

Perhaps I can give a little of my background story for you; it's a little bit international. I was born in a town called St. Paul, Alberta, Canada although my family background is actually British. Because of this I really do know what a real white Christmas is like. My family emigrated to New Zealand in 1972 and I am now a fully naturalized citizen of this fantastic nation.

I have lived in a few places in New Zealand but my growing up years were in the town of Waiuku (pronounced "why – oo – koo" ) which is south-west of Auckland NZ. All my schooling was done in this town and at the end of my 6th Form (Year 12) year I left school and joined the Royal New Zealand Airforce where I was trained in the arena of Engineering, Welding and Metalwork. Although I knew the call of God to working full-time in the Church at a relatively early age (around 19 yrs old) I served 20 years in the RNZAF and received the best trade and life training I could have found anywhere.

I met Suzanne here in Blenheim, actually here in this awesome Church. We married in October 1988 and have loved God and each other since then. I must be the most blessed man on the planet to have a wife that God hand-picked for me AND to also have the two most amazing sons a Dad could hope for.

As a Church in the city of Blenheim, Marlborough, NZ I believe God has called us to play a significant part in reaching the city, region and nation for His Glory. To do this we look for opportunities to reach into and minister to our community. God has a definite calling to fulfill on this House and in doing this we have a desire to work alongside and with the other Bible believing, Jesus preaching Churches. If you are ever in Blenheim please look us up and come along to one of our services. It would be an honour and privilege to meet you and worship God together with you.

To finish; I have often been asked what my favourite scripture is. That's easy!! Ephesians 2:10. This verse sorts out my heritage, my purpose, my support and my future. It doesn't clearly specify it all but I cannot sit around and say I am no good, I should never have been born, I have no purpose, I am not required for anything or anyone. You see it says I have been made BY God, FOR God and HIS plan which HE sorted out for ME. Our God is so good and mighty and thoughtful and ... and ... and ... HE IS WITHOUT END. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ... I hope you do too! God bless you.


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