Pastor Suzanne Hatch

Hi, thanks for dropping in!  I'm Suzanne and my primary role here is being alongside my husband Tom, supporting him where and when I can.  I also oversee the Womens and  Worship Ministries.  I love preaching, singing and connecting with others over a good black coffee!

I first walked through the doors of Elim in 1982 when I was just a 'Tween'.  I joined the youth group (fun times), then met Tom here when I was 17.  We got married in this church a couple of years later and had two amazing sons, Shannon and Jaden, who are both now serving God in churches elsewhere in NZ with their beautiful wives, Amanda and Ngarita.  We have just entered the world of grandparenting and are loving it!

We have been the Senior Pastors of Blenheim Elim since 2002 which is such a huge honour, as it has had a special place in my heart since that first day I walked in over 30 years ago.

My greatest passion is to see people released into knowing who they are in God and that they can do anything He asks them to do regardless of where they have come from.  It saddens me when I see people imprisoned by their past or their perceived limitations, when I know God wants to do amazing things with their lives. He has worked miracles in my life and I want to see nothing less for those around me.  Two of my favourite quotes are "God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called" and "Feel the fear and do it anyway". That's certainly my story!

I would love to meet you so if you're visiting our church make sure you come and introduce yourself!

Suzanne :)

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