Missions has been a foundation stone of the Elim Christian Centre for at least 29 years. Over these years personnel from this church have served in PNG, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, Asia, Senegal and Japan. Some have been Short Term Missions, others long term. Some of the STM trips have been into Philipines, India, Fiji, PNG, Nepal and Africa.


Liz Hutton

Liz Hutton has been in PNG for over 29 years, involved in children's ministry. It has been a remarkable journey for Liz with over 200 students graduating from Salem bible school and going out to pass on their knowledge and skills elsewhere.

Liz is currently working on a vision she received several years ago to see a new training school built on their own land. Praise God this is nearing completion.

Liz has been quietly training some of the nationals on staff to take over the administration and day to day running of the school in preparation for her retirement.

Literally thousands of children have been impacted by the power of God during Liz's tenure in PNG.



As a church,we have been supporting a Bible institute in India for a number of years.

This has seen a significant number of graduates go out and plant cell groups and churches with a history of breakthrough into the various castes.

It has been exciting to follow the progress of this work in a nation just waiting to be released into the plan God has for it.

Several years ago a group from Blenheim went over on outreach and as a result have undertaken to financially support some of the leaders and a number of projects.

For more information regarding our missionaries, short term opportunities etc please contact the Church Office.

Ph 03 5789053 or e-mail via our contact form.



CHILDRENS' CHURCH - Our Childrens' Church are currently supporting the Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box project. To read about this very worthwhile venture please visit their website 



To see more of Liz's work visit 

Liz's latest newsletter


INDIA - Bhaskara Reddy

The faith of Christians in the Caste Hindu's is two phase: secret then public. Secret because they do not want family to know due to persecution and potential removal from the family and then 'public' when they don't care for anything except Jesus and that is when they get baptised. And the baptisms are VERY public. Big long processions, singing, clapping and fireworks and then into the river.

At one baptismal river we saw two local boys washing their buffalo (which they do at least once, sometimes twice a day). This is also where they wash their clothes and get their water for washing and cooking if they do not have a separate pump/well at home. This is where we did some baptisms. These people are very serious about being baptised as it could have serious issues attached. Alongside this river there were two Hindu Temples. The Hindu priests watched very closely.

Recently finances were raised for the purchase of scooters for the Indian teams to use. The areas that are visited are distant and very widespread. The scooters will be a big help for them.

In late October a short term missions group will travel to India to encourage and work with the local teams.

Please remember to pray for Bhaskara Reddy and his team. Their work is long but the changed lives are worth his time.

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